Vampire Face Lift

What do you mean by Vampire Facelift?

This is a medical procedure performed for patients who need healthy, youthful and rejuvenated skin. Patients can carry on with their daily routine after the procedure is done, as it is  performed quickly as an outpatient procedure. The patient can see the effect of this procedure the same day and it usually lasts for months, maybe a year, after the procedure.

It is called a ‘Vampire’ facelift because in this procedure  growth factors extracted from your own blood are used to rejuvenate your skin.

How does it work?

The main ingredient of the Vampire Facelift, the Platelet-rich plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood, which is then mixed with other factors and administered into skin via micro needling or using micro injections.

This procedure uses Platelet-rich plasma or PRP, which has tissue regeneration and collagen production properties that are widely used for healing wounds and injuries in the medical field.

The presence of PRP in platelet-rich fibrin matrix makes it ideal for rejuvenating facial skin quality and volume with increased collagen production, along with increased blood supply and new skin and fatty tissue generation. This creates tautness of the skin, enhancement of skin texture, wrinkle reduction and  youthful healthy skin.

Authored By: Dr.Anjana Mohan

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