What are Peels?

Peels, also Known as chemical peels, helps remove the dead cells and debris from the top layer of your skin, making the skin pimple free, few shades lighter and rejuvenated. It also helps in pore reduction, fine line reducton and delay aging. The skin that gets regenerated is usually a smooth and less-wrinkled version of the old skin.

Peels can be done on whole body. Only an experienced Dermatologist will be able to choose the right peel of right strength for the particular body part of the right patient.

Use of Peels

  • To reduce the fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth
  • To treat the wrinkles that are caused by sun damage and aging
  • To improve mild scars (superficial acne/ chicken pox scars)
  • To Heal your acne
  • To reduce the dark patches caused during pregnancy or intake of birth control pills
  • To reduce age spots and freckles
  • For a better look and feel of the skin

Who can get Peels

The type of peel chosen depends on the skin type, concern, condition, lifestyle and goals of patients.

Always consult a qualified Dermatologist before performing this procedure.

Peeling Procedure

This treatment  is 10 min to 60 min outpatient procedure done in a Dermatologist’s office.

After through cleansing of skin depending on the skin type and concern to be addressed, the peel solution is chosen and applied on to the concern areas. This will help create controlled removal of dead cells and thereby promoting collagen stimulation.

On application of peel solutions, patients might feel a mild discomfort and stinging sensation, which will be eased by cool compresses on the skin.


Strict sun protection and other Post procedure care as instructed by the Dermatologist must be followed.

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Authored By: Dr.Anjana Mohan

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