Zeba Nahas

It’s not often that you find a doctor who cares for your skin as much as you do. I met Dr. Anjana in December 2016, when regular outbursts of my acne had given me strong reasons to dislike my skin type. I had several preconceptions about what caused my skin to behave the way it did. Wiping all my doubts clear, Dr. Anjana made me understand the basics of skin hygiene that most of us overlook. From then on, it was a completely transformative journey! Free from several dark pimple scars and recurring acne, my face glowed in confidence, in a matter of few months! From then on, till date, I care for my skin and believe in no whatsoever myths that stop me from doing or eating what I love!

Thank you dear Dr. Anjana and Skin secrets, for revealing my secret to great skin!

– Zeba 🙂

Author: Zeba Nahas

The Face Palette by Lekshmi Menon

Dr Anjana is the best doctor that exist in Kochi today.. You can very well go to her and trust that she will give you the best solution to all your problems. She takes time to know her client and understand the problem very well before prescribing any treatment or medication. Her clinic is absolutely done well and amazing decor. The staff there are also very courteous, professional and I loved their approach. I would totally recommend everyone to visit her without any hesitation!!

Author: The Face Palette by Lekshmi Menon

Layana Josephcl

I am really thankful to you…Dr Anjana, for clearing away all the white patches on my face and hands which was due to some allergy towards sunlight within a few days.I found the medicines prescribed by you really effective and curing.
Dr Anjana, you are a good listener and explains things well including procedures and options for treatment.You are really friendly and informative too.The staff members at the front desk are also helpful and courteous.I recommend each and everyone to approach SKIN SECRETS for any dermatological problems
Thanks a lot Dr Anjana for your valuable care:)

Author: Layana Josephcl

Reshma Surendran

World class treatment within reasonable price totally satisfied with the staff and service.Hatsoff to dr Anjana mam

Author: Reshma Surendran

Mary Soumya

Excellent service… Awesome atmosphere. Really happy with my laser treatment .. Wonderful result in 4 sitting.

Author: Mary Soumya

Sheena Basheer

I have wonderful experiance with Dr. Anjana Mohan and the entire staff of Skin Secret

Author: Sheena Basheer

Deepthi Vinodkumar

Very effective treatments, great ambience, pleasant and helpful staff and easily accessible location. Doctor was absolutely kind and courteous, very helpful with suggestions and advices. Absolutely wonderful experience. I would highly recommend the clinic for all looking for solutions for any skin ailments.

Author: Deepthi Vinodkumar

Reshma Jayaram

Perfect solution to any kind of skin problem….great atmosphere and hospitality…

Author: Reshma Jayaram

Malavika Sajeevan

Really thankful to Dr.Anjana mam.i recieved an excellent treatment.The best part is that they’re extremely friendly and make you feel comfortable.I’ve had really good results.i would highly recommend this clinic.

Author: Malavika Sajeevan

Beulyn Furtel

Right place for anybody who wants a clear glowing skin …..Of all the skin treatments that i’ve gone through since 2011,SKIN SECRETS is the BEST.
I would recommend SKIN SECRETS not just to my family ‘n friends, but to everyone who wishes to have Clear Glowing Skin.

Author: Beulyn Furtel

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