Double Chin Reduction

A new surgery-free solution to the dreaded double chin promises to do what no workout can.                                                         
What  is double  chin?
Double chin is the  excessive  amount of  submental  fat which  will result  in abnormal chubbiness around the jaws. Excess submental fat may make the patient appear overweight and/or older.
What  is  the  treatment?
Deoxycholic acid, a bile acid(which is naturally produced by your body) formed by bacterial action from cholate , is known to solubilise  the fat. At skinsecrets, we use the synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, to aid in the breakdown of dietary fat.  In this procedure, the drug is vaccinated through the muscle into the submental fat layer beneath your chin. Within minutes, the acid demolishes the excessive fat cells (injection lipolysis) through a process known as lysis; in the weeks that follow, your immune system will naturally (and permanently!) dispose of the cellular debris. Once demolished, these cells can no longer collect or store the fat. This reduces the plumpness under the chin. This is an FDA approved treatment and includes multiple shots of injections to melt down the fat underneath the chin over a period of time.
What is the procedure?
First, a numbing cream will be applied below the chin, followed shortly thereafter by an ice pack. Using a pen to mark along the jawline and plot out nerve locations, a grid-like temporary tattoo demarking the injection points are applied and the injections are delivered right away. Each treatment takes 20-30 minutes. Many patients get noticeable outcomes in 2 to 4 sessions.
Is this treatment painful?
There  may  be  mild swelling, pain or redness after  the  treatment  which will  subside  within  1-2 days. Many patients put the pain quotient on par with laser hair removal, but in about one-tenth the treatment time. Patients should  not massage the  area  for  next  48hrs. Follow up visit after  4 weeks  is mandatory, to   assess  the results and to  plan further sessions .
Peak results are achieved 4-5 weeks after the treatment
Areas treated with Deoxycholic acid for fat loss:  Under chin,  Bra/Underarm fat, Banana roll, Flanks, Belly pooch, Back Bulge, Love Handles, inner& outer thigh..etc
Popular Brands:  Kybella, Geolysis
Other agents  used  for  fat  reduction  :   Phosphatidycholine  is another molecule used  for fat reduction.

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Authored By: Dr.Anjana Mohan

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